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Your journey begins with you and the first step to recovery is here at Issaiah House Inc.   

Issaiah House Inc. is a 10 bed Level III.3 inpatient treatment Program. When it comes to choosing an addiction rehab program for yourself, your loved one or your client, the expertise of the drug alcohol addiction treatment team is of critical importance.  At Issaiah House Inc. we bring together a team of professionals with wide-ranging experience in assessment of and intervention for addictive disorders our program model Person-Centered therapy. The focus population served by Issaiah House Inc., are men age 18 and older. The services provided by Issaiah House are Substance abuse Treatment and Mental Health Assessments and Therapy.  Issaiah House Inc. strives to provide the best evident base treatment to its clients and to restore their lives in a way that matters to them.     

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919 Calwell rd.

Baltimore MD 21229


Fax 410-558-6222

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