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Healing your child with in you

Freedom from Addiction 

The main objective of ISSAIAH HOUSE Inc. is to provide men, who have the desire and willingness to pursue freedom from alcohol and drug addiction, every opportunity to develop the tools necessary for recovery. We are committed to providing our clients with a safe, supportive, substance free environment and to always treat them with dignity and respect. We encourage our clients to work together in a spirit of unity to rebuild their lives, develop a strong foundation for their recovery, and to become productive members of society.

The power of us is the power of you 


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The modality used at Issaiah House Inc. is 

Person Centered Therapy. In person-centered therapy, The focus is on the person, not the problem. The goal is for the client to achieve greater independence.

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The focus of Issaiah House is to empower the person served through individual and group counselings services and education by experience professional.

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Issaiah House Inc. also wants to ensure the person served has the stability to maintain their recovery. We offer job readiness and employment assistance to individuals who reach the phase of treatment.

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